Saturday, September 14, 2013

toes in the ocean

Sneak peek of the week I spent in Britanny at my friend's.
It took me longer than I expected to prepare so, once again, thousands of excuses... But here are about 50 pictures as an apology.

Tomorrow, I will be heading down South to meet my already beloved niece... who was born this morning.
I will be back soon to hopefully show you lovely things again but, for the moment, loads of emotions are coming.  

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ps: merci Juliette <3

day 1_ late arrival at my friend's lovely house

day 2_ rainy day, home-made burgers

day 3_ saving the mouse from the cat's attack

day 4_ walking along the coast

day 5_ picking raspberries at the neighbours' before going to Brest, lovely secret street, home-made beef+cheese yakitoris

day 6_ last day, the best for the end, in Brest again


  1. Your sense of style is really impressing.

  2. This pictures look amazing
    thanks for sharing!


    Coline ♡

  3. Wow, looks like a wonderful, wonderful time! I love all the photos, especially the pictures of the rooms. My favourite is the last one of day 2. Wow!

  4. It is always a pleasure to check out your blog. You always upload the most amazing pics.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  5. Really cool views. Thank you for sharing them :)
    Evia x

  6. That place looks so incredible and you sure did an amazing job of capturing all the beauty! I love all the cat pictures but I am happy you saved that cute little mouse!


  7. beautiful pictures! the sea loooks amazing and the cat is so cute xx
    The Frill Seeker

  8. stunning photos!

  9. what a beautiful place! your pics always invite a feeling of peaceful relaxation...

    a possible fantasy

  10. in love with your photographs! :)

  11. your photos are soo beautiful! Specially the ones with the cats!
    Which camera do you use? :)

  12. Aaah Macha, que c'est beau!! La Bretagne <3 Tu as eu de la chance avec une si belle maison de vacances... si claire et la terrasse, si charmante... tu sais, ces planches en bois, ca serait le fond idéal pour mes photos de bouffe ;)

    Alors tu étais pas loin de Brest? C'est exactement notre coin en Bretagne... ca fait plaisir de voir ces côtes si familières... et tous les petits détails typiques, par exemple les pinces à linge bicolores - en Allemagne, j'en ai jamais vu, mais en France, toujours! Je les adore, haha! Comme les moules frites... ah, ces photos, je crève de faim :)

    Et la mer, elle était toujours bonne? Euh, "bonne" en conditions bretonnes... alors déjà glaciale ou pas encore trop glaciale? ;)



  13. I have your letter, dear! this time I'll try to answer quicker so as you can remember what you asked;) No swearing, just doing!

  14. nice, nice blog! an pictures.. OMG, so cool! and garden - fantastic!


  15. wow, nice blog <3 these pictures are amazing!

    diamonds aren't forever

  16. Je ne vais pas parler des paysages, car comme d'habitude c'est superbe.
    Mais alors ces moules-frites ... J'ai faim.

  17. Deine Worte sind so unglaublich lieb und füllen mich mit Motivation, in Zukunft wieder mehr zu bloggen und öfter auf euren Blogs vorbeizuschauen. Hoffentlich bist du schön ins neue Jahr gerutscht und ich wünsche auch dir ein tolles und erfolgreiches neues Jahr!