Saturday, September 14, 2013

toes in the ocean

Sneak peek of the week I spent in Britanny at my friend's.
It took me longer than I expected to prepare so, once again, thousands of excuses... But here are about 50 pictures as an apology.

Tomorrow, I will be heading down South to meet my already beloved niece... who was born this morning.
I will be back soon to hopefully show you lovely things again but, for the moment, loads of emotions are coming.  

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ps: merci Juliette <3

day 1_ late arrival at my friend's lovely house

day 2_ rainy day, home-made burgers

day 3_ saving the mouse from the cat's attack

day 4_ walking along the coast

day 5_ picking raspberries at the neighbours' before going to Brest, lovely secret street, home-made beef+cheese yakitoris

day 6_ last day, the best for the end, in Brest again

Friday, July 26, 2013

blackberries in september, cherries in june

First things first, I apologize for this long absence

After a dramatic end of school year, I could escape for two weeks in the center of France, in the valley of the Loire river.
We enjoyed discovering pretty cities embellished with wonderful roses, and finding cherry trees along our walks through the fields.
I still have plenty of things to show you from this lovely travel, but am now packing up for a week in Brittany, so I'm begging you to be patient for some more days.
I promise I won't be long this time.

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day 1_ view from the tent at the camp site, strolling in the fields, vines and pretty streets 

day 2_ enjoying a Lebanese lunch

days 7+8_ lovely wanders in the streets covered with flowers