Saturday, September 14, 2013

toes in the ocean

Sneak peek of the week I spent in Britanny at my friend's.
It took me longer than I expected to prepare so, once again, thousands of excuses... But here are about 50 pictures as an apology.

Tomorrow, I will be heading down South to meet my already beloved niece... who was born this morning.
I will be back soon to hopefully show you lovely things again but, for the moment, loads of emotions are coming.  

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ps: merci Juliette <3

day 1_ late arrival at my friend's lovely house

day 2_ rainy day, home-made burgers

day 3_ saving the mouse from the cat's attack

day 4_ walking along the coast

day 5_ picking raspberries at the neighbours' before going to Brest, lovely secret street, home-made beef+cheese yakitoris

day 6_ last day, the best for the end, in Brest again