Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the sweet escape [part 4]

End of my lovely wanders through the pretty landscapes of the North.
Seeing these soft hills, these red bricks houses surrounded with flowers, these peaceful cows gently strolling in the fields, reminded me of how much I miss Belgium.
Where I spent some of the sweetest days of my childhood, where my love for gardens and flowers began.

day 5_last walk in the hills around the campsite, picking blackberries along the path, souvenirs
           (Please click on the pictures to enjoy them better.)

day 6_last garden : Jardin des Lianes, of which owners are the loveliest people I've ever met


  1. these photographs of the places you travelled to ae enchantingly beautiful! such a beautiful sunny day that brings out the colours of the flowers. and the little lanes through the trees and meadows and ponds are so magical xxx

  2. day 5 - I see the bigger version of my cat! beautiful pics;)

  3. Mes préférées : 5,6,8 et l'avant-dernière. Belle série !

  4. Such gorgeous photos! You have sush a talented eye! xx

  5. merci a toi aussi :)
    et quels beaux souvenirs de l'été. j'aime trop les deux premiers avec la rivière. c'est surtout comme une scène d'un film. un peu de secret garden ^^

  6. beautiful photographs macha. you have such a great eye, it is always wonderful to look at your photos <3

  7. wow beautiful places! adoring the photos!

  8. ohmygosh!! why is it so lovely there!!!!! i want to go there~ i've followed you on GFC~ please visit me and follow back? i think you'll like my fashion/art posts!~

    ||||HEDONIST DRIVE||||

  9. Sending you best holiday wishes.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  10. Merci beaucoup :)


    Coline !

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    Let me know on my blog if You agree!! :) ;)

  12. Sweet!

    Passe voir mes photos sur mon blog!

    A bientôt!
    Bisous! :)